Welcome To Dabar Charities

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    To make education accessible to poor children in villages.

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    health support

    To provide basic health support services to the poor children and widowsliving in villages.

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    emergency assistance

    To provide food, clothing, and money to homeless, destitute, poor children and, widows-women living in villages.


tiger... The Scholarship Fund of Dabar Charities Inc., is created to assist financially challenged poor children from Eastern Indian Villages who afford elementary and secondary school education. The scholarship is designed to help selected students achieve their goals of educational excellence despite their financial difficulties and will pay for a portion or all of their fees depending on available funds.

Giving Back

All our programs will benefits Elementary and High Schools students, poor women and young people living in under-developed villages in East India.

These individual poor children who are currently trapped in Islamic religious schools and cannot afford to go to school to learn how to read, write and to provide to themselves when become an adult. Also for those widows and women who cannot afford basic preventive healthcare services for themselves and their children.

Our Projects

  • Project 1

    ... Provide emergency assistance (food and clothing) to 150 poor children and widows living in villages of East India by December of 2013.

  • Project 2

    ... Provide educational scholarship awards to 140 poor children currently going to Islamic religious schools that their parents will give permission to go to secular schools by December 2013.

  • Project 3

    ... Provide basic health support services to 100 poor children and widows living in villages of East India by December 2013.